So. I’ve started planning for next years garden and polygrows, when I say planning I mean I’ve almost started thinking about it. Longer nights and shorter days are setting in and whilst so much darkness at both ends of the day can seem daunting there’s also the comfort of cosy evenings by a warm fire and possibly the odd candle glowing away, the usual run of gloomy soaps, crass celebrity and wannabe comps and all abound the tv on the run up to Christmas. So what better way to escape than between the covers of a seed catalogue making plans for the promise of the new season to come, which of course will be upon us far sooner than we ever imagine.

I’ve been busy seed saving and adding to my already obscene stash, which I ‘hide’ from the bh, poring over those I need to write off, take out and put down to an overall bad experience, and choosing those I need more of. It’s a little too soon for me to think about the beds and rotation, but I’ve a couple of areas I need to revisit, some I need to expand and some I need to forget altogether, although choosing what to forget is always an issue for me. There’s always just that little niggle that pushes me to give it ‘just one last go’ ,even when I should really know better, only to get to the end game thinking ‘never again!!’

Still, I keep saying “that’s the joy of growing”, there’s always the opportunity to have just one more go !!

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