We’re a BIG fan of marigolds both in the tunnels and in the garden . They are such wonderful companion plants for many an edible garden with their rich vibrant fiery shades attracting all kinds of beneficial bugs and pollinators  to the garden…bees, butterflies and ladybirds to name a few……they are also said to deter pests such as aphids….now whether this is myth or not is anyone’s guess….often they are used as the sacrificial plant to keep the nasties away from your precious crops and if that works then it’s good enough for us !!

We plant them in tubs all over and in amongst the tomatoes and peas…..they are indeed very generous plants that also make it super easy to save your own seed from…..simply take off the dried flowers (deadhead) …..the plants will continue to reward you with fresh blooms…..pop the heads into a paper bag out of sunlight and they will dry a little more and be ready to sow again next Spring !! What could be better or easier !!

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