We’ve been a bit tardy in the garden….what with howling winds and rain lashing most of the winter months it’s been very difficult to persuade ourselves out there to get on with the necessary maintenance…..but here we are in mid March and there’s no more delay tactics….it has to be done.

Our annual crops need plenty of nutrients and as we grow in raised beds….they may have survived the ravages of winter but they are depleted after harvesting, decomposition and compaction…and the only thing impressive about them right now are the weeds…

So….after clearing the beds we’ll top up with fresh soil/ compost, treat them to a dressing of volcanic sock dust which is absolutely brimming with minerals and trace elements and will be a huge boost to reconditioning the soil structure as well as improving soil health , and as such helping resist pests and diseases for the forthcoming months . We might add a scattering of growmore fertiliser…rake in and the mulch with a layer of strulch….which will help conserve the goodness we’ve just added whilst warming the soil ready for the first plantings and acting as a barrier against the very persistent weed population.

The hope is that crops will be healthier and more productive as a result with far less competition from weeds.

It’s not the best job as there has been little improvement in the weather but it can’t be put off any longer and is well worth the expense and effort in terms of reward later!

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