Now we know that growing your own tomatoes can be a bit of a challenge if you’re short of space….so in our quest to offer something for everyone we happened across the Dwarf Tomato Project.

It been running for over 15 years… did we not notice it before now we wonder….but sooo glad we have…..started by Craig LeHoullier after being asked frequently at markets for great tasting and unusual tomatoes that  would flourish in small spaces, patios a and balconies, but would produce well in reasonable sized pots. The Dwarf Tomato Project was born with contributors from all over the globe…hobbyists and pros alike and now there are dozens of varieties on offer boasting all manner of size shape and colour tomato.

We’re offering a small selection of these delightful varieties which we hope will encourage the budding gardeners among you to try tomatoes…..even in a small space

So why not join in and give them a try ?

We have on offer:-
Orange Cream
Red Verandah
Pink Passion
Geranium Kiss
Dwarf Shadow Boxing
Dwarf Mary’s Cherry

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