There always seems to be a race to the finish line at this time of year, for madden gardeners to sow sow sow some more in a bit to get ahead for the wonderful promise of Spring and its bounty following the dark depths of winter and its close.

Running the risk of more failures than successes ,crushing hopes and dreams of the picture perfect plot and homegrown harvest. Sometimes it’s better to kick back, take your time, take it all in and plan your route for when the light and seasonal conditions are a little friendlier and the route to success and a wonderful bountiful harvest for the coming year is a little easier.

Having said all of that, here at Pasture Fire Kitchen Garden, particularly where our chilli peppers are concerned, we continue to sow in sub zero temperatures with Jack Frost positively biting at your toes as these captive little beauties need just a little more help and the benefit of a longer growing season to bring a long awaited crop in the balmy late summer evenings.

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