We all know and appreciate the allure of the wonderful world of hybrids…after all…It’s what drew us into this game in the first place isn’t it?? The cool shapes… The wondrous array of jewel like colours …. We’re drawn like moths to a flame by the stunning and carefully crafted pictures of the latest crazy pod to burst forth and tempt us to part with our money for seeds. What we especially are finding…..is that we are getting more and more variations from these varieties which can be so far removed from the original pod it can cause us issues when selling.

Now we know for a fact that it can take a good 8-10 years to stabilise a well bred hybrid. That’s 8- 10 years of selecting the best traits from each of the pods saved from not just a handful of plants ….but literally hundreds…..and even then they can still throw out all sorts of anomalies …..growing conditions, parts of the world etc etc all have bearing factors on how your plants will turn out.

Much of what is currently available in any markets are hybrids and crosses of one sort or another. There are of course heirlooms available out there but many of the weird and wonderful are crosses. With this very much in mind we have to say we cannot be held responsible for these variations. We get them ourselves….sometimes….well most of the time actually…..is a happy instance and much of the fun of it all.

In the meantime…..have fun and keep growing!!