It really seems to have been a mammoth haul to get to a point where all the potting up is complete for the 2020 season. It’s been a gargantuan task of mixing and potting……the dedicated compost (cement) mixer has been worth is weight in gold….and we can finally say~there’s a place for everything and at very long last everything is~ finally in its place.

We have as many plants settled nicely into self watering pots as we can to minimise the workload of watering and maintenance, with just the reservoirs to fill once they run low and whilst that in itself is no mean feat it beats hand watering and feeding several hundred plants daily…..and whilst we love our plants we’re all for minimising the work !!

Having seen others reporting huge aphid issues we’ve been extra vigilant this season and on constant bug watch…..a necessity being completely surrounded by arable land I reckon we’re probably a magnet for the beasties, however we’re coping well having incorporated one of nature’s best kept secrets into our mix for the fourth year running as a natural deterrent ,spraying sb Invigorator as a preventative and plant conditioner regularly and gifted with an array of mother nature’s best natural defence mechanisms…..the predators ❣️ If we look like we’re getting a little out of hand we resort to a spray with either grazers or garlic spray….but you need to remember once isn’t the answer….3/4 day repeat is absolutely necessary to break the cycle …..good luck everyone…we’re really looking forward to seeing the results of what we really hope will be a bountiful harvest from our wonderful world of Chillies

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