December Farm UpdateWell it’s nearly Christmas….and I figure we’re allowed to say the ‘c’ word as we’ve only a few days to go …and we’ve tumbled ,blustered and waded our way through a very temperamental December so far….everywhere is soggy and wet…..the beds are sodden….the fields are boggy and the sheep are really unimpressed…although they look rather well.

At least the polys are still standing proud despite the very best efforts of howling winds from all directions…but inside they’re looking very weary indeed and it is with a heavy heart we finally have to draw our chilli season to a close.

December Pods

What a gargantuan task that is…..cutting down and clearing out hundreds of spent plants and trying to scrape up the fallen debris from the stoned floors ready to spray clean in preparation for the newness ahead……see…..every cloud has a silver lining as they say…..well we’ve managed to clear one tunnel and two thirds of another….and still there’s life in there …..plucked two kilos of good pods and it’s practically Xmas….who’d have thought it?

A way to go yet but made good in roads with clearing out but no rest for the wicked…..we’ll be starting again ready for the new seasons little baubles of gorgeousness…and who doesn’t love the world of chillies?

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