They often say gardening is in the blood ….and coming from a long line of keen gardeners I guess they’re right. However, we’ve kinda bucked the trend a little here and have strayed the beaten path of our forefathers somewhat by diving headfirst into the wonderfully seductive world of chillies …….although we’ve not abandoned our grass roots of traditional veg growing altogether !!

The farm itself nestles cosily on the edge of the gently rolling Lincolnshire Wolds and boasts not only an enviable kitchen garden but also fabulous polytunnels bursting with exotic droplets of the fiery spice that are chillies. It started back in 2013 when a friend mentioned they had been reading about these little plants and were sourcing seeds….we offered to help look and were both astonished and fascinated at the sheer number of varieties available…..we’d thought they only came in red and green….not every colour under the sun. Of course then we had to try growing.

We were hooked and have never looked back and our little farm heaves with beautiful vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and of course chillies and we’re ready to share our bounty, experiences and expertise with you.

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